Nintendo Life recently had the opportunity of sitting down with Eiji Aonuma, producer of the HD rendition of Twilight Princess, wherein he discussed various subjects. One of these subjects was his thoughts on the importance of this game as a whole. When asked if he had any opinions on why this game was notable, he admitted it was a difficult question, but affirmed that there was one personal anecdote which made it a memorable game for him.

He begins to explain that before Twilight Princess was released back in 2006, his wife had never played, nor shown any interest, in playing a game he had made. When Twilight Princess was released, he explains that one day, without any persuasion from him, he found her playing through the game with their son.

“However, there was one thing rather personal to me that stands out. Until the original version was released, my wife had never shown any interest in playing any of the games I’d made. But all of a sudden, without any encouragement from me at all, she played through the whole of Twilight Princess together with our son, who was just three at the time.” Aonuma’s wife explained to him that she only wanted to help their son get through the first part of the game, but before she knew it, she had played through the whole thing herself. “I think that maybe the setting of the game somehow appeals to the kind of people who wouldn’t normally be interested in this type of game.”

“the setting of the game somehow appeals to the kind of people who wouldn’t normally be interested”

He goes on to explain that even his son has recently played through the Wii version of the game, as he couldn’t finish playing it due to his fear of the Poes in the game. “Even my son, who at the time was too scared of the Imp Poes to play the game has recently played through the Wii version. I didn’t have to encourage him to either, he said that he just thought that maybe now he’d be able to play though to the end.”

Aonuma thinks that the game has something to it that makes it playable without it feeling dated. He believes this to be even more true with the new HD version of the game, and hopes everyone, both those who had played the game before and those who hadn’t, will be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.