We all secretly crave seeing our favourite games remade with beautiful new visuals, as seen with the outstanding successes of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s MaskWind Waker and now, Twilight Princess. We just can’t get enough of nostalgia, and neither can YouTube user CryZENX.

CryZENx is renowned for taking games we know and love and implementing them into the modern Unreal 4 engine, giving them all a brand new look. This time, he’s taken to 1991 classic, A Link to the Past, and darn does it look good.

Revamping a classically 2D game into 3D may sound jarring to some, but the Unreal 4 demo looks simply beautiful. It captures the atmosphere of Hyrule Castle perfectly, and the music hits the tone well.

Would you be interested in 3D remakes of classic 2D Zelda games?