Legend of Zelda fans are some of the most passionate and talented people around, and don’t need a reason to grab their favorite musical instrument and play their favorite Zelda songs. However, that didn’t stop GameStop from giving these fans an actual reason for jamming out in Hyrule! It’s another way for GameStop and Nintendo to commemorate the 30th anniversary for the Legend of Zelda and the upcoming launch of Twilight Princess HD.

It’s a very simple process for the fans if they want to take take part in this Zelda-GameStop promotion. First things first, start by making a video of you or a group performing a Zelda song. It could be any music, as long as you’re proud of it. It could be the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past or the Water Temple theme from Ocarina of Time (two of my personal favorites). Then send a tweet that says #IAGREE and #MusicOfTP and then you could be featured on GameStop or Nintendo’s various websites/social media posts/ads. It’s free advertising for Nintendo and GameStop, but it also gets your name out to a larger audience.

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