Australian concept artist and illustrator Jessica Smith has created a series of beautiful paintings featuring Link from the Zelda Wii U trailer in various locations in Hyrule. When she first heard that the new Zelda game would feature an open world, she was incredibly excited and decided to channel this excitement into a series of pictures that allowed her to experiment with painting different environments. The result is some stunning locations that I’d love to see show up in the upcoming game.

Locations include a built-up Kakariko Village: “…running on those rooftops and scaling the buildings would be so much fun,” writes Jess; Lake Hylia: “Always wanted to paint this location and my interpretation of it, it was one of my favourite places to explore in the games”; and Death Mountain: “Here’s a painting of a scene that I imagine could happen when Link starts off at Death Mountain, and his reaction when he first meets the Gorons, not knowing what they are actually like”. There’s also the Forest Temple, Zora’s Domain, and Faron Woods. Scroll down to see more of her work.








To follow Jess and see more of her incredible art, head to her website.