Last year, Nintendo decided to pull the plug on their fan/online service, Club Nintendo. For those who didn’t know, Club Nintendo was the place for Nintendo fans to get limited edition items as well as cheaper downloadable versions of their favorite games from the eShop via reward coins.

At that time, no one really knew where Nintendo was going with their loyalty program, or if it would even be brought back to the masses. However, our prayers were answered in the form of “My Nintendo,” the new loyalty program from the Big N that is aiming to unify your gaming experience over multiple platforms, such as smartphones and the Wii U. You can log in to the My Nintendo service, that doesn’t officially activate until March, through your Nintendo Network ID/Facebook/Twitter/Google+ accounts.

As of right now, your profile page for your My Nintendo won’t look that spectacular because all you can do on it is link your social media profiles and change your password — minor housekeeping stuff. Back when the Wii U and Miiverse launched, you got in trouble if you tried to advertise your Twitter profile, but now Nintendo is basically asking you for it — times sure have changed over at Nintendo.

Nintendo is getting into the mobile games game and their first crack at it is Miitomo. You can pre-register for Miitomo but you will need a My Nintendo account to do it, so why not kill two birds with one stone? If you pre-register before Miitomo launches, you get Platinum points for your My Nintendo account. Miitomo and My Nintendo will launch side-by-side in March and share similar goals, both going outside the traditional game-and-reward program. Going away from the norm is what Nintendo is known for, so taking their loyalty program in that direction isn’t a real shocker.