We at Zelda Universe are excited to announce our third English dub project, Wind Waker: The Movie. Like our previous dubs of Hyrule Warriors and Skyward SwordWind Waker: The Movie will be adapted into three acts consisting of all the cutscenes from the main story. Directed and edited by Alex Trevino, a cast of voice actors from the Zelda community will bring new life to the beloved characters from The Wind Waker.

There are over 30 available roles, so if you want to join the cast, auditions take place February 25 at behindthevoiceactors.com. Auditions will remain open for three weeks. Be on the lookout for a character breakdown and link to the audition page here at ZU and on our Facebook and Twitter. Do keep in mind that we will not hold auditions for Link as he will be silent in this movie dub. We will also not be auditioning any bit parts as they will be selected by the director at a later date. It’s highly advised to have quality recording equipment so we can hear your beautiful voices.

If acting’s not your thing, we’re also looking to feature musical artists covering the songs from the Zelda series, particularly The Wind Waker. We’re also on the hunt for graphic artists and animators to help with extra bits to our film — title openings, background transitions and end slates. So if you’d like to share your musical and/or artistic talents with us, shoot us an email at zutv@zeldauniverse.net.

Auditions are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, who you are, or how many amiibo you have, we at Zelda Universe aim to give everyone a chance to be a part of our projects. Act one of Wind Waker: The Movie is slated for a June release with acts two and three following from June to July.