With any game release comes rumors and leaks, and Twilight Princess HD is no exception. This time, a mistake on Amazon France’s part may have revealed some significant changes to the Wii U remaster.

According to the game’s product listing, now since altered, Twilight Princess HD will include a Hero Mode that has been present in most Zelda games of late; support in the form of replenished Hearts and items when you use the Super Smash Bros. line of Zelda Amiibo; and most surprising of all, a dungeon roughly translated as the “Cave of Twilight” that is somehow linked to the new Wolf Link Amiibo.

It’s the latter revelation that has everyone talking. Feelings range from excited to disappointed. Some praise Nintendo for expanding Amiibo functionality, while others lament the fact that a dungeon may be locked behind an Amiibo paywall. Nintendo has yet to comment on the leaked information, and it’s hard to say if a product listing is the truth. Mistakes have been made before.

That hasn’t stopped every Nintendo fan on YouTube from launching theories on the Wolf Link Amiibo’s connection to Zelda Wii U, and musings on the dungeon rumor in general. From GameSpot to GameXplain, you can find eager discussions. What are your opinions about this potential new dungeon?

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