Skyward Sword’s art style may have been inspired by Impressionism, but The Wind Waker is just as fitting for the canvas as Mal of MalMakes proves in her channel’s first two YouTube videos. A spread of blankness is soon filled in with color thanks to Mal’s paintbrush, taking the form of Link and The King of Red Lions sailing away from Outset Island against a rising sun.

As a fan of The Wind Waker, seeing the game get some artistic love fills me with joy. You can check out the time-lapsed video of the painting if you have only a couple minutes to spare, or the full half-hour-long job.

If you too are in love with this painting, feel free to bid on the original canvas, or check out Mal’s Red Bubble shop to get the print on all kinds of things. Lastly, don’t forget to give her a like and/or subscribe!

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