Once again, my jealousy over the awesome Zelda merchandise Japan gets is on the rise. This time around, it stems from this super adorable Figma figurine based on the Link from A Link Between Worlds. The figurine comes with several items and a support stand that can be used to position Link in various poses; from fighting stances to a pose that makes Link look like he’s being lifted by the Tornado Rod. Link has bendable arms, legs, and even toes so you can position him any way you want.

figma link albw stading figma link albw

This Link Figma comes in two versions: the basic package that costs 4630 Yen (around $46.30/£27.05) and includes some items, and the DX package that includes the Hookshot, the Tornado Rod, a baby Maimai, and the basic package’s items at a cost of 6000 Yen ($50.98/£35.04).

figma link items

Now I mentioned this being a Japan-only release, but GoodSmileCompany has pre-orders open and will ship this fantastic figurine to your house. So, don’t miss the chance to own this Link Figma! I must say the design is exceptional, so you’d have to be Ganondorf himself to think that you don’t need this in your life.