The new Tri Force Heroes update has gone live, and Nintendo has released a trailer showing all the new features in action. First up, we see our three heroes working together through the Den of Trials that’s packed with over 30 new challenges. Next, Link looks dashing in his Linebeck’s Uniform. Using the costume’s ability to see inside treasure chests, Link goes straight to the one holding the Zora Scale. Finally, we see our heroes surrounded by Chuchus. Luckily, one of them is wearing the Fierce Deity Armor, granting him the power to unleash an attack in four directions at once.

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  • GreenLinkMaster

    I don’t know weather to call myself a “hardcore” gamer or not. if everybody thinks that means I play dark, gory, photo realistic, and/or first person shooter type games then no, I am most CERTAINLY not. but I wouldn’t call myself a casual gamer either.
    I’m a laid back easy-going person for sure, but I’ve been playing games for about 15 years now, and enjoy more than just simple little pass-time games. I like games that present a challenge, take skill/thought/determination, have believe-able characters and worlds, story and plot, humor and wit, emotion and depth.
    I do enjoy some casual games. but if I’m looking for something to really get into, I don’t just want a distraction to burn away the hours, I want an immersive and fulfilling experience. such games can take meny shapes and forms, which don’t strictly require silly things like photo-realism, dark and nearly bland environments and atmospheres, bloody gory messes, thuggery, or guns.
    I’m NOT saying that anyone who calls themselves a “hardcore gamer” is necessarily all about these things, but that is the common stereo-type of that term. so I’m just saying I’m no part of that. I’m NOT going to say anyone who IS all about that stuff “ISN’T a gamer” anyone who plays and enjoys video games is a gamer. UNLESS of course they are of the stupid idea that only people who like the same games or think of games the same way they do is some kind of “True gamer”.
    I would like to think of a “Hardcore Gamer” as anyone who loves and is all about video games, of whatever kind. whatever kind of game they like, they are all about it and play games whenever they can, and thoroughly enjoy them. they dedicate themselves to enjoying the games they play just as much as they do to doing as best they can in them.
    I would even think it’s more than that. but to avoid the Stereo Types that are now associated with the term “Hardcore Game” from now on I’ll just use a different term. I am a “Dedicated Gamer”