With only a few words, Demise ensures his wrath will haunt every reincarnation of both Hero and Goddess following the events of Skyward Sword. And with much time and color, HeavyMetalHanzo and fellow collaborator ThaL-DAWB showcase the extent of that wrath in their amazing mural, “The Curse.”

The Curse full

Every villain who has appeared in a Zelda game is on display, starting with Demise’s final words to Link and ending in Ganondorf’s ultimate beast form, Ganon. As the mural is, it’s hard to spot everyone. Fortunately, ThaL-DAWB made a video that showcases all of the amazing detail in a slow crawl, set against the villainous part of the Symphony of the Goddesses’s Twilight Princess movement. Enjoy, and be sure to give the artists some love!

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