We’re looking to expand some of the features on our website. In particular we have a mobile design waiting to be coded up, but we need to add some new developers to our team in order to make that happen. We’d also like to hire someone specifically for back-end work along with someone who can help us keep all of the development work running smoothly. Here’s more detail about who we’re looking for:


Front-end Developer (Mobile Website)

We need someone skilled in Javascript, CSS and HTML to build our mobile site. The design is ready to go so all you need to do is turn it into code. This shouldn’t be a massive task, but we’d like someone who can commit to this as a project.

WordPress Plugin Developer

We need someone experienced with WordPress plugin development to maintain and develop the plugins that make Zelda Universe tick. You’ll mainly need to know PHP for this role.

Development Project Manager

We require someone who is organized and familiar with software development processes and project management to help keep our development team in ship-shape. You’ll be responsible for assigning tasks, keeping track of issues and monitoring progress to ensure that tasks are delivered on time. You won’t need to do any actual coding yourself.


Zelda Universe is staffed entirely by volunteers, and this includes our development team, so unfortunately we won’t be able to pay you for your work. We’re happy to let you use your work at Zelda Universe in your portfolio and provide references to potential employers if required, so it’s a great opportunity for students looking for experience or anyone who likes to code for fun in their free time.

For all of these positions, it’s essential that you’re easily contactable and can join the online chat tool that all Zelda Universe teams use for coordinating their work around the site.

If you’re interested in applying for one of these positions, please send an email to jobs@zeldauniverse.net with the job you’re interested in in the subject field. Let us know a bit about you, your skills and why you’d be a good fit for the team!