In an interview with IGN, Aonuma stated that he’ll keep Linkle in mind for future Zelda titles. While those who are excited about Linkle will certainly welcome this news, some will probably be wondering if this will have any major impact with the rest of the series. While we can’t say anything for sure, some relatively recent happenings in the Zelda community may serve to give us a look at some of the things Linkle’s inclusion could mean for future Zelda games, both big and small.

Fans may remember that after the first trailer for Zelda Wii U, there was some confusion about whether the Link presented in the trailer was male or female, followed by a debate about whether a female Link should be present in the series; as well as whether or not such a character should be playable or whether a female playable character should instead be Zelda. Linkle could potentially be the answer to this debate, as she could be the female playable character many fans are asking for, especially if she proves to be popular with players after the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

In addition, Aonuma has stated that he would like to return to multiplayer again in the future. The series first attempted multiplayer with the Four Swords titles, but they weren’t very well received due to the difficulty in getting the best experience out of them, and in the case of Four Swords Adventures, the expense. On the other hand, Tri Force Heroes has been very popular with players.

The combination of Link and Linkle could prove to be the next evolution in Zelda multiplayer, with different characters potentially having different playing styles as well as different screens. In addition, it’s possible multiplayer could come to the console games in such a fashion, opening the gate for a much more elaborate multiplayer experience than what has been seen in Tri Force Heroes or the Four Swords games.

Outside of Link’s sister Aryll and his grandmother in Wind Waker, and Link’s uncles in A Link to the Past and Minish Cap, Link has never had a visible family. Considering Linkle started out as a concept for a “little sister” kind of character, it’s possible she’ll return as such, potentially giving Link a family member that can aid him in his quest, potentially actually fighting alongside him in certain events.

Finally, Link has only rarely had a love interest outside of Princess Zelda — at least in a game she’s appeared in. Linkle could possibly provide a more consistent rival for the hero’s affection, though one would hope they change the name if they go that route. While she may stay in the “unlucky childhood friend” category that Ilia and Saria occupy, a secondary love interest that’s consistently at Link’s side throughout the story would be very nice.

Whatever happens, however big or small a piece of the Zelda universe Linkle becomes, we can hope that it’s for the better, and in the meantime, we can only speculate.