In the past month, Stephen Colbert has accepted his role as host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, after David Letterman passed the torch down the line. Within only a month of hosting the iconic show, Stephen Colbert is already taking a stance by inviting Symphony of the Goddesses to perform as a special guest on an upcoming episode later this month.


Next Tuesday on October 13, Symphony of the Goddesses will take the stage on national television promoting the upcoming Zelda game Tri Force Heroes in a very sophisticated fashion.

While the playlist set for The Late Show is unknown, it is sure to be filled with nostalgic Zelda music and hopefully some upcoming soundtracks to the highly anticipated multi-player 3DS game.

stephen colbert mii

Will you battle the sandman and stay up late to watch Symphony of the Goddesses perform on late night television? Are there any soundtracks that you hope to hear? Share your thoughts with the Zelda Universe community below!