This week’s Zelda News comes straight from Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia during a Legend of Zelda meetup and photoshoot. Amanda dons her Nabooru from Ocarina of Time cosplay as she discusses the latest in the Zelda world with special guest co-host, Elias Thompson from Zelda Eternity. Learn about the new Hylian edition of the Nintendo 3DS XL coming to the US, Club Nintendo of Europe’s farewell CD set, and get an up close look at some stellar Zelda cosplays!

  • Isaac Cook

    Not gonna mention the site problems, then?

  • Rob

    The hells been going on with the site? no posts or anything? its been weeks since you guys have posted anything.

  • JasonBall

    Agree with Rob down below here, who came here to make the same comment I am. Its been 2 weeks! There was “site maintenance” message for a day or so, but its been mostly just a dead-looking site. I have been forced to go to ZI for stuff, which means things must be dire indeed.

  • We WANT to comment on the status of the site, but there have been a ton of issues and we’re just busy fixing all of them. We were under attack about a month ago, which made our servers just crap out. Since then, we’ve been trying our darnedest to get a new working set of servers. It’s been a bumpy road, leaving our news team unable to post anything for weeks.

    None of this is ideal, but we’re doing our best! Expect a full update in a few days.