Ready to complete the decor in your home with a sense of nostalgia? A designer in Florida, USA ,who goes by the username GeeksWithWood on Etsy, designed this amazing wooden Nintendo 64 logo coffee table base.

It costs a large sum of $150, and the dimensions are 18x18x18. The colors featured on the coffee table are spot-on compared with the N64 logo, and the shape is an exact replica to the image so many of us are familiar with. For many gamers who grew up playing on a Nintendo 64, this would make a perfect gift or addition to their growing Nintendo collection. It would accompany any existing Zelda or Mario decor nicely, such as comforters, paintings, and puzzles. It’s about time that someone built furniture based on the iconic logo that gamers have come to grow fond of!

Nintendo 64 Coffee Table 2

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