Over at Play Nintendo, localization of a Legend of Zelda webcomic has begun. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Hijinks is a comic by Seitaro Komatsu that was originally published in the Japanese manga CoroCoro Comics Special. The popular CoroCoro Comics magazine promotes anime and video games to young readers in Japan, and is often the first source for news and promotions about such.

As Treehouse member Alison Rapp tweeted, the “hard work of many” went into bringing over the first part of Link’s Hijinks to Play Nintendo. It tells an amusing tale of Link’s efforts to get out of saving the world because, as we all know, beating a dungeon on the Nintendo 3DS comes first. But with the moon falling, Link will need to come up with a solid plan to continue playing.

If this first part is any tell, Link’s Hijinks should be an amusing dip into the Zelda franchise. Check out the first part, and keep an eye out for future updates here at Zelda Universe.