This awesome custom-made Nintendo 64 features Legend of Zelda colors, and even includes some gold paint with interior LED lights for the color to shine through. Precise cutting on the top shows off the trademark Legend of Zelda Triforce, where the LED lights below can shine with their golden glory. Also featured on the front is a miniature Hylian Shield that Link is known for wearing in Ocarina of Time. Since this is fan made and very professionally done, it’s up for sale on Etsy through the user SpaceNTraders for a large price of $229.99, with only one available.

Legend of Zelda Nintendo 64

Aside from this epic Nintendo 64 mod, SpaceNTraders has also done a Dark Link edition, Mario edition, Luigi edition, and lastly a Fire Mario edition. All of the iconic Nintendo characters are available through SpaceNTraders’ Etsy shop, and they’re bound to add more.

Legend of Zelda Nintendo 64 v3

If I didn’t already own my Nintendo 64 I’d gladly look into picking up one of these custom mods, which come with one controller, power adapter, and AV cable. It’s quite the bundle for any Zelda fan, or gaming collector.