We recently witnessed the sad closure of North America’s Club Nintendo, but the Europe website is still upholding its service for a little while longer. If you’re a Zelda fan fortunate enough to still have Stars sat in your account (like me), then spending them on this newly announced product may serve as the perfect farewell to the program.

Nintendo have just added this “Club Nintendo Game Card Case – 2nd Edition“. which holds “up to 18 Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS Game Cards”. That’s a decent amount of storage, but the main attraction here is in the “three reversible sleeves” which come packaged with it.

Included are:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/The Wind Waker
  • “New Nintendo 3DS logo and cover plates/ABXY Buttons”
  • “Classic Super Mario Bros. icons on white/blue”

Here’s a closer look at that Zelda sleeve, with both sides looking very classy indeed:


Remember, Club Nintendo Europe will close on September 30, so you have until then to register and redeem any Stars you have left and to grab this item.

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