If you were looking for another reason to use any of your Zelda-themed Amiibo, unfortunately it seems that Tri Force Heroes won’t be it. Director Hiromasa Shikata revealed to IGN that the game will not feature functionality with the figures.

“I think it’s really something as simple as this game isn’t a natural fit for it,” he says. “I think [that’s] because we’re focused on giving players the ability to choose different outfits to impact their experience within the game. We didn’t think Amiibo added anything other than what games with it are already doing. There’s no reason to shoehorn it in.”

It may seem like a missed opportunity, particularly for the Toon Link Amiibo, but I admire Shikata for choosing not to force in content to the game for the sake of doing so. Let’s not also forget that you can still get your figurine fix with the other upcoming handheld Zelda title, however, as Hyrule Warriors Legends will feature full Amiibo support just like its Wii U predecessor.