Famitsu recently got the opportunity to sit down with Yosuke Hayashi, a producer on Hyrule Warriors Legends, in order to talk about the upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. After the release of Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, many Zelda fans mentioned that they’d like to play the game on Nintendo’s portable console. After that, production on Hyrule Warriors Legends began.

Koei Tecmo originally looked at including Wind Waker characters in the original Hyrule Warriors, but felt that it would be incredibly difficult to bring the game together with the other Zelda titles, as the characters and worlds were vastly different.

[Tetra and the King of Red Lions] are not the only characters that Koei Tecmo plan to include

When developing Hyrule Warriors Legends, Koei Tecmo wanted to add an epilogue story to the game that took place after the events of the Wii U version. Wind Waker was an easy choice for this, as it was the only major Zelda game not utilized in Hyrule Warriors. While Tetra and the King of Hyrule are already confirmed as playable characters in the 3DS installment, these are not the only characters that Koei Tecmo plan to include. Unfortunately, no new characters for the game are ready to be unveiled at this time.

In the interview, it was also revealed that the StreetPass function of the 3DS will be supported in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Development of the game is roughly 60 percent complete, and the decision regarding DLC characters is undecided at this time. Amiibo will function the same way in Hyrule Warriors Legends as they do in Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is set to come out for the Nintendo 3DS in the spring of 2016.

  • I’m a betting man, so I’d wager we’d be seeing A Link Between Worlds content, as well as a further insight into Lana & Cia. Lana just might even be a Sheikah,or Gerudo.

    • JasonBall

      Because that’s a logical conclusion.

  • Vladislak

    “Wind Waker was an easy choice for this, as it was the only major Zelda game not utilized in Hyrule Warriors.”

    Excuse me? What about A Link to the Past and the original Zelda? They were both major titles in the series. >_>

    • JasonBall

      They mean 3D games. LOZ is included with the classic tunic and 8bit weapons.

      • Vladislak

        That’s not what they said, they never said 3D. :/

        ALttP is just as significant and “major” as the other titles (arguably more-so).

        And they clearly didn’t mean outfits and weapons either, otherwise Wind Waker WAS utilized (Zelda’s Wind Waker weapon). So those don’t count in the article writers eyes. They were talking about characters and/or levels.

        • JasonBall

          Well, obviously they meant 3D as “major,” and by “utilized” they meant characters and maps, while I do agree that LttP is probably more significant (music, story, gameplay, etc) than any of them. Koei’d be in over their heads if they tried to include content from the dozen 2D games besides LOZ, significant or not.

          • JaidynReiman

            Part of the problem with the 2D games is at least the 3D titles already have easy designs to port and everything. The 2D ones… not so much. You’d have to create the models from scratch entirely.

            They might do so with the 3D titles, but those models at least exist and they can recreate the models, using the existing models as a basis. But for 2D games, all they have is flat artworks of them, not full 3D models they can recreate.

          • Vladislak

            I suppose that’s true, but it’s not like they haven’t been creating models from scratch since the beginning (Lana, Cia, Volga, Wizzro) and Manhandla was never seen outside the 2D games either.

            I do understand that it would be more work, I’m just hopeful that they’ll include some sort of content from the 2D games.

          • JaidynReiman

            Its true that they did create a few new characters, but they did create concept art for them on their own.

            I’m not saying that they didn’t create some from scratch, I’m just saying… it was a lot easier to stick with the 3D games only for now. At the very least I think Vaati is a likely choice to come. But there’s supposed to be some surprise characters.

  • Isaac Cook

    Desperately hoping once again for Vaati. Most likely to no avail.

    • JaidynReiman

      I actually think Vaati is one of the more likely characters from the 2D games. Though I do think the new characters will mostly be 3D game characters (there’s plenty of great options still there; Saria, Groose, Skull Kid, Nabooru, Twinrova, perhaps Rauru to finish off the Sages).

  • rusVan

    They NEED to hook us up with more characters, seriously. Zelda fans are among the most patient and passionate and most devoted of any fans, they already have jacked us around with the Zelda WiiU delay, Hyrule Warriors 3DS needs to have many fresh changes, improvements, and levels… come on. And, the pre-order needs to come with a cool toy, like Majora’s Mask 3DS did. 😉

    • DimensionalRanger

      If there is, let’s just hope the cool toy won’t be stolen by scalpers :/

    • JaidynReiman

      Its already confirmed there are Wind Waker levels. I think its a safe bet we’ll get at least two WW and two MM levels. For WW, I’m thinking Sunken Kingdom and Tower of the Gods (I’m not sure how the islands would work; they may be a bit too small), and for MM, Clock Town and Ikana Canyon (maybe with the lower levels of the Stone Tower mixed in).

      I’d also like to see two other levels, as well; Hyrule Castle and Sacred Grove. Hyrule Castle can be based on Hyrule Castle from numerous games, and Sacred Grove based on Sacred Forest Meadow/Forest Temple (OOT) and Sacred Grove (TP), like how Gerudo Desert combines the desert from both OOT and TP.

      I’d also really, REALLY like to see new enemies, such as Gerudo (based on OOT/MM) and Zora (based on TP) forces (for the Zora long-range weapon, they’d use fin boomerangs like Mikau), as well as Octoroks and Deku Scrubs at least as captain enemies.

      Other possibilities include Zora’s River (the River itself and the lower section of Zora’s Domain if based on TP’s design), Snowpeak, and Kakariko Village (the full village, not just a section of Twilight Lands).

      Naturally, these could just be “general” areas in the HW time period but inspired by past games; crossover areas have been used before, such as the Arbiter’s Grounds in Gerudo Desert (without the Mirror of Twilight), even though the Mirror of Twilight is also pulled separately from the Era of Twilight.

  • True Davad

    I agree with Isaac Cook that Vaati should be added. He is the only reoccurring main villain besides Ganondorf. He has been in 3 games, more games than Fi, Midna, Zant, Ghirahim, King of Hyrule or Tetra.

    I loved Hyrule Warriors but was disappointed that instead of making Saria a character they gave the Deku Spear to Lana. And what about Nabooru? She would be cool. Also Twinrova for more Villains. They should have had Zora Soldiers and one of the DLC missions should have been how Darunia was possessed and Ruto captured. Too many missed or unused possibilities.

    I bet there will be a new Adventure mode map for Wind Waker. New Characters from Wind Waker could include Quill or Medli, Makar, and who knows who else. They should take characters from the DS Games, like Byrne, Cole; maybe even Linebeck or Oshus if they can find appropriate play styles. New bosses, Enemies, and Armies could be added too.

    • JaidynReiman

      I think they may add more characters from the other games that didn’t get DLC packs. Namely Skyward Sword and OOT. I can easily see Saria, Nabooru, and Groose. Honestly, I think Saria and Groose are the most obvious characters that were skipped over in the main game as well.

      Vaati is a good choice from the games not represented, probably the BEST choice. Another popular choice is Skull Kid, too. So I’m definitely very, very hopeful for Saria again! 😀

      • True Davad

        Groose? Not sure how he would fight but it would be interesting. Agitha is in so anything is possible. I certainly hope they do add more characters they missed. Time will tell.

        • JaidynReiman

          I’m not sure how Groose could fight either, or what his weapon could be. But yeah, as you say, Agitha is in.

          They handled Impa pretty well even though she didn’t have much material to work with.

          I find it funny how you name drop Groose and not Saria in this case. I’ve seen several people get on my case about Saria over on Youtube (most people seem fine with I mention her).

          In her case I just see “Ocarina + calling upon plants and nature” basically.

          • True Davad

            I have no problems with Groose if they can pull it off. I really think Saria should have been in it with the Deku Spear as her weapon or something, if they add her later I’m fine with that too. On your Ocarina idea, I could see the Fairy Ocarina being her weapon actually.

          • JaidynReiman

            As far as I’m concerned, part of the intrigue is just imagining what they’ll come up with. There’s plenty of things they could draw on for Groose. Maybe a portable groosenator? Perhaps the beetle, or even a Loftwing (personally I prefer this idea for Gaepora, since one variation of “Bird” could end up being Kaepora Gaebora perhaps).