Hyrule Warriors: The Movie has been an exciting and engaging project from the start, and Zelda Universe is proud to bring you the third and final act.

Join Link (Austin Learned), Zelda (Heidi Tabing), Impa (Meghan Nigrelli), and Lana (Liesl Zeppenfeld) as they take on Cia (Elissa Woo) with the Master Sword to bring peace back to Hyrule.

The main cast is supported by an equally talented cast of various characters from across the Legend of Zelda franchise, along with a few original characters. Ganondorf (Freddie Heinz), Wizzro (Zack Maher), Zant (Allon Keller), Ghirahim (Michael Potok), and Volga (Connor Colquhoun) won’t make things easy for the heroes and heroines.

However, the good guys have plenty of help on their side. While Proxi (Alice Weyant) speaks for Link, Darunia (David Adam), Ruto (Heidi Tabing), Agitha (Nicki Jensen), Midna (FakeTsuki), and Fi (Laura Namkoong) add their might into the battle to save the world.

Check out this thrilling conclusion below!

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Act One

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