Two days ago, Satoru Iwata had tweeted that he was closely listening to fans’ opinions over this passing E3, and that Nintendo would do their best to meet their expectations. Many people seemed to have misinterpreted the tweet, however, as Reggie Fils-aime has stated that Iwata’s tweet was not an apology, and that Nintendo “make[s] great games.”

All this comes after people have openly shown their discontent towards several titles unveiled at this year’s E3, and have gone so far as to begin a petition to stop production of one of the titles, Metroid: Federation Force.

Reggie alludes back to last year’s E3 when they first unveiled Splatoon, and how media response was similar to the response today; and yet Splatoon is “a game that people are loving right now”. He continues by saying that “[t]here were all of these complaints. But now you look at the finished product and the satisfaction is huge”.

Reggie seems confident that the titles shown off at Best Buy demonstrations will also receive positive feedback and will lead to consumer excitement.