Koei Tecmo may have let one of Nintendo’s E3 surprises slip, as an unlisted video from their YouTube channel has popped up all over the internet. That video is none other than a trailer for Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo 3DS. Presumably this was meant to be revealed during Nintendo’s Digital Event on Tuesday morning, but somehow the video was leaked to the public.

The trailer starts out innocently enough; at first it appears as though it’s Hyrule Warriors 2 for the Wii U, but this thought is quickly put to rest when the video quickly morphs onto a 3DS screen. The graphics for the game are similar to that of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, with a cel-shading outline to the characters, while still very much maintaining the original Hyrule Warriors look.


The trailer also reveals two brand new playable characters for the Dynasty Warriors spin-off: Tetra and the King of Red Lions. Tetra cuts through her enemies with her short sword and the King of Red Lions transforms into his signature boat form, blasting enemies away. These are two great additions to the Hyrule Warriors family and considering the lack of Wind Waker representation in the original version, it is quite fitting that the game is finally getting some love.

The graphic at the end of the video seems to suggest that by owning the 3DS version of the game, you are able to unlock Tetra and the King of Red Lions on the Wii U version. This isn’t confirmed, but there will definitely be some kind of connectivity between the two games.

As this trailer was apparently meant to be saved for E3, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo responds to the leak. Will they acknowledge the game’s premature reveal and send out a press release, or will they continue with the originally planned reveal? Regardless, the cat is out of the bag now. Koei Tecmo has made the video private, so this was obviously a mishap. The trailer has been re-uploaded, however, as you can see below.

  • Renata

    But will we get a Toon Link DLC costume for young Link?

    • Morgan

      that would be pretty awesome. I hope so but who knows at this point.

    • Johnnie

      Hopefully, Toon Link is awesome.

    • JaidynReiman

      I think so. Tingle will probably get a Toon costume as well. Maybe even Ganondorf could get a cel-shaded design and WW Ganondorf’s outfit, and perhaps a new weapon based on WW with his Amiibo.

      Ganondorf couldn’t get his exact model, of course, because the proportions are off.

      • Jack Hardman

        That’s exactly why they can’t do a cel shaded link, because the proportions are off. They’d have to do a whole new model because of his disproportionate head

    • Ryan Haynes

      What would replace Fierce Deity?

      • Ixbran

        Toon Deity


        then all wed need is a Toon Zelda costume for Tetra

  • Vladislak

    I hope it’s not just a port with added characters, I put a lot of hours into the Wii U game and I’d rather not have to do the exact same thing all over again.

    That said it’s a great game and I’d still do it. I’m totally hyped to play Tetra and Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule!

    • JaidynReiman

      It does have new features, and I think it’ll have all-new game modes as well. The characters (appear) to not be exclusive at all; they may as well be additional DLC characters for HW Wii U, and I’d bet we’ll see more later, too. Now we just need DLC for OOT (Saria, Naboor) and SS (Groose) and all main console 3D Zelda games got DLC.

      • Vladislak

        Yeah I know. That post was made back when the only info we had on the game was from the leaked trailer. 🙂

        • JaidynReiman

          So was my post (I posted mine on the same day as yours). We knew of a few new features just from the leaked trailer; namely character switching mid-battle.

          I also said “I THINK there will be new game modes” and that “I’m pretty sure” we’ll see more characters. It is confirmed now that there will be more characters, but those parts were speculation on my part.

          • Vladislak

            Ah, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. 🙂

  • John


  • JasonBall

    Well, there goes the timeline theory. At least with Wii U they actually respected the timeline enough to include only child timeline elements. (SS-OOT-MM-TP) Unless they do a story mode where they cross over…

    • Todd Shurtleff

      Nintendo has already stated that the Hyrule Warriors games exist outside of the establishes timeline. And that the events that happen don’t happen in the normal universes.

      • JasonBall

        Sure, I know that, but they respected it anyways with no AT or DT references. They declared it not just non-canon but also outside the universe just to make it so people didn’t get their tunics in knots trying to figure out the placement, which works perfectly after FSA because Ganon is in four parts, as in, the four sword.

  • Ryan Haney

    This is actually trending on bing.com. 😀

  • JaidynReiman

    I think that this may tie into a Hyrule Warriors Wii U expansion as well.

    But seriously, this looks EPIC. I want Hyrule Warriors 3D now. I was thinking a 3DS game might work, but I wasn’t expecting it to actually happen.

  • Soeroah

    Oh my gosh, that moment when the Wind Waker theme kicks in.

  • 18esundstrom

    At 1:08 it shows all the characters, and in the background you can clearly see Tingle’s balloon. Maybe DLC characters from the last game are included in this one, because I heard that they do that a lot with Dynasty Warrior games.

  • I’m afraid I’m posting this a bit late, but we did a short podcast about this right after the news was up.
    We wonder what they will do with the adventure maps for the DS game… A completely new one that replaces the ‘old’ ones would probably be best.
    Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

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