It’s that time of the year again, where Nintendo prepares for the 75th annual meeting of its shareholders. This year’s meeting takes place on June 26 at 10am JST, and the annual business report will focus on how Nintendo performed during the last fiscal year (April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015). Part of this meeting is the election of the ten directors, and there are no changes to be expected.

What’s Interesting to note is that the status of shareholders has now been updated: Northern Trust Co., as well as Banjo Yamauchi, are gone from the list of major shareholders. While Northern Trust is unlikely to ring a bell with most Nintendo fans, the name Yamauchi should be quite familiar.

Hiroshi Yamauchi was a former president of Nintendo, starting out in 1949 and transforming the former Hanafuda card-making company “Nintendo” into what it is now. He stepped down from his role as CEO in 2002, leaving Satoru Iwata in charge of the company. However, Yamauchi didn’t leave the company entirely, as he remained as a consultor until his death in 2013.

His relatives inherited a huge amount of stocks from him, roughly 10%. Back in February 2014, Nintendo spent 114 billion yen ($1.1 billion) to buyback a huge amount of shares in order to avoid a financial fiasco, as members of the Yamauchi family sold some of their holdings. Just Katsuhito Yamauchi, who owned 2.37% and Banjo Yamauchi, who had a total of 1.67%, were left as major shareholders in 2014.

Now that Banjo Yamauchi has sold at least 0.68% of his shares and dropped under the 1%, Katsuhito Yamauchi remains the only major shareholder from the Yamauchi family, and his share has even climbed from 1.98% to 2.37%.