Zelda Universe is proud to present Zelda News, Zelda UniverseTV’s flagship program, coming from MomoCon 2015 in Atlanta, GA! In this episode, Amanda presents to us adorable costumes that are unlockable in Yoshi’s Wooly World through the Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong Amiibo. As a matter of fact, Yoshi’s Wooly World will be compatible with over 40 Amiibo.

In addition, if you missed out on Club Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask jigsaw puzzle, don’t fret! USAopoly is releasing a jigsaw puzzle featuring Majora’s Mask’s Skull Kid, comprising of 550 pieces which will be available for $11.99 from EB Games.

Amanda also interacts with cosplayers from MomoCon as well in this week’s installment of Zelda News!

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