Midna is by far one of the most beloved characters in the Zelda saga, not to mention Twilight Princess. She is arguably Link’s best companion yet, and adds a bit of charm and dark humor that has been sorely lacking from the Zelda series. She is also an incredibly complex character and as the game goes on you slowly peel back the laters and discover the true Midna.

In celebration of this wonderful character, we are commemorating her today with Music Monday by featuring “Midna’s Theme” from Twilight Princess by Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and Koji Kondo. The motif is somewhat complex, curious, playful, yet hauntingly tragic, which perfectly describes the character.  I hope Midna returns to the series, because there is still so much story that can be told with her.

  • Ryan Haney

    Twilight Princess probably has the highest quality and most complex music in the series.

    • DimensionalRanger

      Yeah, it actually make you feel emotions that seem real and not warped by the “game” part of the video game, as if you were really there. I really hope this get a remake.

  • craZ

    Skyward Sword easily wins on my list for best soundtrack in anything ever. It’s just so good! I love orchestral music

    • craZ

      However, TP is also a phenomenal game with a great soundtrack (that Hidden Village tho)

      • DimensionalRanger

        Yeah, Clint Eastwood goes to Hyrule :).

  • GunZ

    Definitely one of my favorites!