The overarching story in the Zelda series is full of mystery and events that don’t really pan out, but isn’t that why we like it so much? It leaves room for fans to speculate and theorize on what really took place between each game. Nintendo gives us enough information and story to keep the game moving forward and to keep us interested, but upon finishing the game and looking back on it, many of us then make our own connections between titles. We come up with our own story and thus, a new theory is born.

A Youtube user by the name of HMK, who is known for his video game theories, decided to cover the events spoken of in Twilight Princess. We are all familiar with the Twili and the Dark Interlopers, but not too much is really known about them. With his theory, he tries answering who exactly they are, and draws a very convincing connection between them and another well known tribe, the Sheikah.

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