The final boss battle in Ocarina of Time is both one of the most recognizable final battles in all of video games and one of the most epic. One of the things that makes the battle so memorable isn’t the size or scope of the fight, which was huge in scale for its time, but the music. It draws you in and mesmerizes you, summing up a 30-plus hour experience in a short 10 minutes as Link battles his way to save Hyrule against the evil Ganon, no transformed by the Triforce of Power.

While I am biased in saying that Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda title, I do believe that the final confrontation between Link and Ganon still holds up as one of the greatest final boss battles of all time, and this is in no short part due to the music that helps sum up Link’s journey. That is why today’s pick for Music Monday is the final boss theme found in Ocarina of Time by Koji Kondo.

  • Ryan Haney

    Nice choice, Morgan. Did you really solve it in 30 hours? Sometimes I would have Link just stand there so I could listen to the music and look at the scenery. I have no idea how long I played it on the N64, but on the 3DS, I solved it in 52 times for 150 hours, and I knew what to do and where to go.

    • Morgan

      I was just estimating, but it seemed that way, at the least. I would go off and do random things or better yet get stuck in dungeons, like the water temple. i still love it though!