The Media Create White Book 2015, which heavily details the Japanese console market every year, included some very exciting sales figures for Nintendo’s Amiibo collection. Our favorite green-clad hero outsold all other Amiibo during December 2014. Mario, our plumber friend came in at a very close second, and some of the rarer Amiibo such as Marth, Villager, and Samus came in fifth, sixth, and tenth respectively.

This is not surprising since, as we all know, these particular Amiibo flew off of shelves and have not been restocked since launch. Although they were extremely popular, they are not as available as Link and Mario at most (if any) retailers, which would affect their sales numbers.

As we mentioned before, Nintendo plans on restocking some of the rarer and more popular Amiibo sometime this year. For those who are completionists, this is fantastic news. Hopefully Nintendo now has some idea about how popular Amiibo will continue to be for casual and professional gamers, as well as everyone in between.


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