Personally, I’m a sucker for a sweet-smelling candle, and anything that has a video game theme to it that will decorate the household. This Lon Lon Milk candle from Etsy seller Blankoo comes in a variety of scents like vanilla and fresh linen, retailing at around $15 to $24.

The candles are wrapped in awesome packaging, and each one resembles an item you would find at a legitimate Hylian market stand. You can order different sizes and label colors depending on your preference, so get them while they’re fresh!

  • Mike Allen

    Never been a fan of the Fresh Linen scent, always gets overdone. If my linen actually smelled like that, I’d wash it again. Great idea though

  • Lucy Lu

    Umm i wouldnt use this at all! It would just collect dust in my wall 🙂

  • Mechima

    I would take the candle out. Wash the inside. And get Milk in it.

  • Trinosaur

    I love burning candles. I like making my house smell nice. This is pretty cool