We’ve seen all manner of Zelda toys and figurines over the years, but this time Nintendo are going with a new approach — albeit based on something old. Here’s a plush toy Link from the original Legend of Zelda, complete in his classic 8-bit form.

The plush is one of three new toys in Jakks Pacific’s World of Nintendo line, with Link accompanied by Mario and Luigi who are also presented in retro style. All three are available as a set for $54.99 on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store, or separately on Toy Wiz. If you’re going with the latter option, bear in mind that the Link plush is priced higher than his pixelated pals, setting you back $26.99 while Mario and Luigi are priced at $16.99 and $14.99 respectively.

All of these websites provide “July 2015” as the scheduled release window, though the image file name on Toy Wiz for the Link plush seems to indicate a more specific release date of July 8. This regards the US launch, while releases in other territories have yet to be confirmed. What’s exciting is that the product descriptions on the aforementioned websites state that this set is “Wave 1”, suggesting that more Nintendo characters could become nostalgic novelties in the future.