Considering Nintendo’s reward programme, Club Nintendo, is set to close in the near future, the most recent listing comes as a bit of a surprise — though certainly not an unwelcome one. This is a Majora’s Mask model which lights up at the flick of a switch, emitting an orange glow from the mask’s eyes. Awesome!

The light stands at 12cm tall and 12cm wide, crafted using ABS and PVC. If you live in Europe, you’ll need 6,000 Stars saved up to order one, while it’ll set back fans in Australia and New Zealand 4,000 Stars. Sadly, this appears to be the only current means of obtaining the light; let’s hope it goes up for sale somewhere after Club Nintendo shuts down.

Club Nintendo users are reminded that registration of Nintendo product codes (which are used to earn new Stars) will end on September 30, as will the chance to exchange Stars for items from the Stars Catalogue. If you’re not a member, you also have until this same date to sign up and become one.