Collectible Badge Center is a Japanese-exclusive 3DS app that offers users the chance to unlock special “badges” to customise the 3DS home screen. This is done by allowing players a limited number of attempts per day at a crane game, wherein the badges can be picked up by the claw. When all attempts are used up, players can either wait until the next day to have a another go or pay for more attempts.

Each badge falls within a set theme, many of which are based on popular Nintendo franchises. You guessed it: that’s where Zelda relates to this. A new set has released based on the original Legend of Zelda, with badges of the many sprites used in the game. You can catch gameplay showcasing all of the available unlockables from 1:35 onwards.

If you missed the previous A Link Between Worlds and Majora’s Mask sets, you can find more footage below.

There is currently no word on Collectible Badge Center releasing outside of Japan. The software seems as though it could have wide appeal if it were to release internationally, so fingers crossed we get to see this fun little distraction on our own 3DS systems soon.