Being a girl has its benefits, and getting to wear cute bras is one of them! BuzzFeed put together a list of 25 bras every geeky girl needs in her lingerie drawer, and a few Nintendo picks including The Legend of Zelda made the cut. After going over the list, I just had to see if there were more Zelda bras out there, and sure enough, there were!

majora bra

This Majora’s Mask bra featured on BuzzFeed will keep the girls from meeting a terrible fate. It comes in both black and white, but definitely go with black — bright white bras are so not attractive!

trifore bra

Here’s a Triforce bikini top for when you’re spending your days soaking up the sun by Lake Hylia.

sports bra

If you’re going to work out, you’ll need the Triforce of Power, and this sports bra has just what you need to get you through a day at the gym.

Now, if you’re going to wear a Zelda bra, you’re going to need matching panties! Etsy seller Dark Balloons carries an assortment of geeky undies that are beyond cute. The black hipster cut panties emblazoned with a glittery Royal Crest would look great with any of the bras pictured above, while the Navi boyshorts with “Hey Listen!” on the back are just too perfect. I love all of these so much!

trifore undies

navie undies

hey listen undies