Creating a piece of art for enemies found in Majora’s Mask is quite the undertaking. Brendan Milos has been doing just that, and his latest work revolves around one of the more iconic enemies found in the Zelda series, and specifically in Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time: the Skulltula.

I really enjoy the colors used in the piece (the blues which fade to orange and red), as well as the “rounded” nature of his version of the Skulltula. The skull, which sits on the spider’s abdomen, is also very interesting, taking on a little more of a realistic look rather than a direct copy of the Zelda version.


  • Joseph Christopher Norton

    Can i just be that guy to say that Skulltulas don’t even properly appear in Majora’s Mask. Apart from that one in that hole in that ground in that Termina Field…

    • Jack Hardman

      They do – they appear under the graveyard, in the cave where you get the lens of truth, in the passageway leading to the telescope and in the chest room of the oceanside spider house. Pretty sure they’re also in a couple of other places I think, but I don’t remember exactly. Nowhere near as much as ocarina of course because MM seemed to prefer unique enemies.

      • James Cahoon

        There is at least one in great bay temple.