The Wolf of Bees has created a beautiful Bunny Hood replica handcrafted out of Canadian pine. The Bunny Hood was originally introduced in Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, and later made a brief cameo in Wind Waker, Hyrule Warrors and the Super Smash Bros. series. Unfortunately, this mask will not grant you the ability to run at faster speeds when worn, nor will it prevent Stalchildren from appearing at night — but it’s still a nice addition to add to any Zelda collection!

I’d have to say this is easily my favorite rendition of the Bunny Hood to date. The material used to create this replica offers a fresh, modern take to this iconic mask.


I’d love to see the Keaton Mask or the Mask of Truth created out of the same type of wood, over a much more obvious choice like the Deku Mask.

If you are interested in a wooden replica, The Wolf of Bees is currently taking commissions via Facebook. The woodcrafting mastermind also added photos of the process taken to create this masterpiece.


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