If you are a huge Donnie Darko fan such as myself, or even a fan of the song “Mad World” by Tears for Fears (covered by Gary Jules), you are sure to thoroughly enjoy this parody of “Mad World” by Farce Deity of YouTube called “Dark World”. The lyrics are slightly altered to be applicable to Zelda, but they still fit the orchestration seamlessly.

“All around me are familiar vases
Worn out sages, warlock mages
Frightened girlies stored in diamond cages
Going nowhere, going nowhere”

The piece is very well written and puts a nice twist on the original lyrics of the song. It stays true to the tone of the original, but at the same time puts its own unique “Zelda” spin on it.

It is also incredibly interesting that this parody follows A Link to the Past, as Link transforms into a rabbit in that title. If you are familiar with Donnie Darko, you probably know that a rabbit named Frank plays a predominant role in the film’s story. Coincidence? I think not!

With that said, enjoy!

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