Late last year, a fan-made album titled Harmony of Heroes was released. The album revolved around the various Super Smash Bros. characters that have appeared in the titles over the years, featuring compositions inspired by their respective franchises. One of the songs on the album was a rendition of the Dragon Roost Island theme song from Wind Waker, titled El Pájaro es la Palabra. The piece was performed and arranged by a musician named Laura Intravia, and I had the pleasure to interview her about her song choice, how she came to be part of Harmony of Heroes, and why she chose a Zelda song to perform.

Laura Intravia

Laura is an amazing musician. She has played at Video Games Live a couple of times, has added her skills to other live performances revolving around video games, has been nominated for awards, and has even created her own Chrono Trigger album. I highly recommend listening to both her rendition that was showcased on Harmony of Heroes, as well as her interview.