Many people will be spending the weekend celebrating Passover, which begins today at sundown, or Easter this Sunday. Both mark miraculous occasions of light overcoming darkness, so I wanted this week’s Fanart Friday to reflect that.

According to the story of Passover, the ninth plague to hit Egypt was darkness, which covered the land for three days. This preceded the final plague, which was death of the firstborn. The Israelites who marked their door were passed over, and lived to see the sun come up the next morning. The Easter story tells how Jesus died, and like the sun, He rose again — granting salvation, giving everyone a fresh start and a new day.

This piece of artwork by keroppi17, entitled “Song of the Sun”, shows the sunlight breaking through once Link plays the Sun’s Song on the Ocarina. The song has some pretty impressive powers. It can turn night to day, and it freezes those creepy ReDead. Light is triumphant over darkness!