YouTuber dekuNukem has accomplished an amazing feat in Majora’s Mask 3D — he has managed to play both the Clock Town and Gerudo Valley themes using the Zora’s guitar! As someone who used to try such things myself, I know how hard it can be as it requires a lot of note transcription and an incredibly good ear for music. dekuNukem makes it seem all too easy, playing two of the most recognizable themes in the Zelda series seamlessly on a very simplistic note system.

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Hahaha! Very good!

  • Ryan Haney

    That’s awesome and brilliant! I’ve never even thought of trying that.

  • Blaze

    This person is very talented.

  • Gordon Sorensen

    DAAAYYUM! Mad skillz, bruh.

  • DarkLink1996

    Wait… EPONA!? Is this normal in the 3DS version or…?