Ericraft produces pop culture-themed vinyl decals for laptops, game consoles, controllers and walls. They have a large range of Legend of Zelda decals that look great on a 3DS, laptop or Wii U GamePad. Even better, they’ve given Zelda Universe 10 decals to give away to you guys!


There are three ways to enter:

We’ll be drawing 4 random winners from the emails, 3 from Facebook and 3 from Twitter. The winners will be able to choose any Legend of Zelda decal they like from Ericraft’s range.

The contest will close at 11.59pm US PDT (UTC -7) on Tuesday March 17.



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  • Chad Austin Beaty

    Nice! XD

  • Martin Barrónchas

    I like one for muy nintendo 3ds purple please….

  • Hope Sellers

    I want for my 3ds 😀

  • Joi

    Omg the 3ds one is cute (the navi) but I love the Laptop one the most xAx

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Can you enter in all three versions, or it is limited to one?

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Well, those are beautiful! I guess I’m going to participate…

  • edna

    Omg i love this *-* !! ❤❤❤

  • J Green

    The mask is nice but fails to utilize the light. Homemade Samus…

  • GreenLinkMaster

    awesome, I’ll enter 😛 my laptop is in desperate need of some form of Zelda styling 😛

  • Cameron Osborn

    I really want one of these.

  • Dana Whalen

    The hylian crest! <3

  • Keith Speidel

    If I had a laptop sure, but I do have a 3ds so I am in Hylian Crest all the way.

  • Claudia Bridget Von Siemens

    Ahhhhhh I need them ;-;

  • Miya Landon

    I would love the Hylian Crest for my 3DS, that would be awesome!!

  • Martin Chavez

    Where can i buy this. Im gonna be realistic here but i know im not gonna win so i would like to know where to buy some. Thanks, mates!

  • consoleclassix

    I want it! 😀 Awesome!!!

  • Dane Anderson

    These are Awesome!