Whether its from the unconfirmed live-action Netflix series, news leaking from the first original title on the Wii U, or fans taking it upon themselves to create their own unique vision of what a Zelda film should look like, The Legend of Zelda series has been getting a lot of buzz lately.

A friend of Zelda Universe, Oliver Lavery-Farag, has created several short films. Although they are all great showcases of his talent, it is his newest project that has grabbed our attention attention. Oliver has created one of the best representations of a live-action Zelda film that I have ever seen. To make things even better, I was lucky enough to have a brief interview with some of the cast which can be found toward the end of this article.

Link, Zelda, and even Navi are all present in the trailer and played by Orion Powell, Lara Goodison, and Zoe Richards, respectively. The trailer provides a fresh spin on Ocarina of Time’s story. The scene has the group in what resembles a dark dungeon, talking about Ganondorf and how all magic comes with a price (Once Upon a Time reference!). The line “If you want to fly, I could make you fly right now, but if an earthquake happens every time you take off, it’s not really what you want” is delivered perfectly by Lara Goodison when explaining magic to Link.

The tracks we hear in the background of this wonderful performance are beautiful renditions of “Oath to Order”, “Time’s End & Lover’s Mask”, and “Enter the Temple of Time” by Daniel Van Sand, Theophany, and MickMad, respectivly.

I can not stress enough that I absolutely love this tease of a trailer. I have seen the infamous Zelda film, Hero of Time, the five million hit April Fool’s joke by IGN, the hilarious Zelda and Back to the Future parody video by 3GI, and countless other fan projects featuring The Legend of Zelda, but this, in my opinion, is by far the best. In less than four short minutes, I was pulled into the world of Hyrule and the weight of the world was dropped on my shoulders. The video was thoughtfully put together to keep all fans happy by allowing Navi to speak for Link, a highly debated aspect of the Zelda series.

I have spent my entire life wanting a Zelda film done right, something that could satisfy all Zelda fans. Honestly, I am a supporter of voice acting in Zelda games, but I think this found a perfect middle ground. By allowing Navi to speak for Link, I felt more immersed, as if I was Link, similar to the how the video games are designed.

After falling in love with the trailer, I reached out to the director who had sent the video to us and asked if he could tell us a little more about the video. He replied, stating “I started this to take to Nintendo as a pitch for a feature but before I had finished it the rumour of Netflix doing a TV series has surfaced and now I don’t know what to do with it.” He then jokingly said “I’m pleased it’s not coming across as a Mario Bros. II“.

I then asked if he and a few of the actors could share with us what the inspiration behind the project was and what it was like working on it. Oliver and Orion quickly responded with the following.

 There’s always been a debate about whether or not it has been possible to turn Zelda into a film, some people say yes some people say no, but I have always believed it was possible and one day I had an idea for the ending of a Zelda film and I thought this is key to the entire story.Unfortunately I couldn’t tell everybody the end and but I did have this fire lit inside of me and so I decided to do a scene accompanied with the script to show the entire idea, the scene was there to show the depth to the words the quality of the film it could be.

As a filmmaker you always worry, because so much is left to the interpretation of making it and I knew I would have been given the benefit of the doubt while just reading the text.With the rumour of Netflix making a Zelda TV series going around I don’t know where that leaves this project, and trying to send of emails to these corporations has never worked in the past so I thought I would place it on YouTube as a comment on its self and the nature of turning Zelda into a film. Hopefully it can find a place and an audience for people to enjoy it.

 It’s a project that myself and Oli had spoken about for a long time. We had always wanted to know how these characters we grew up with would flesh out into a live action film and how far we could push the limitations of what we could film and how real we could make that world for people.Ultimately we wanted to prove that this could really be done and that we had a clear vision of how to do it. I’m really excited by how it’s turned out.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Did you fall in love with it like I did?

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