The release of Majora’s Mask 3D has inspired countless fan-projects paying tribute to the beloved game. So for this week’s Music Monday, we’re featuring a couple of brand new Majora’s Mask covers.

Astral Observatory

First up is “Astral Observatory” by Epic Game Music. “Astral Observatory” is a beautiful piece of music that I always enjoy, so I have no idea why it’s not a song I seek out when I’m searching for Zelda covers — oh wait, it’s because I always go straight to the Clock Town theme. In this video, the song is performed on electric guitar, giving it a power ballad sound. The Epic Game Music cover of Astral Observatory has really made the song a new favorite of mine.

Clock Town

So yes, I’m biased toward the “Clock Town” theme, but that’s not why I made this selection! What I like about this cover arranged and performed by Patti Rudisill & Kristin Naigus is that it sounds like Baroque quartet. These talented ladies perform the town’s anthem on the violin, flute, oboe, and for that special Zelda touch: the ocarina.

[Thanks Erich for the recommendation!]