Today we come to you with some good news and with some bad news. The good news is that you can go play the pre-beta demo of Timeless Haven, ZU’s official fangame, right now! This demo is essentially the same content as the previous alpha demo, running on our beta engine. This demo was streamed last year by Zelda Eternity and we’re now opening it up to the public.

The bad news is that since this demo was streamed, development has come to a grinding halt. Khao, our extraordinary programmer, has grown up and gotten a real job in game design and doesn’t have much time for this project anymore. Obviously, we can’t program the game without a programmer. So we’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who’d like to see this project come to fruition to help us out and find us some people who want to work on a project such as this. Just one or two programmers who are able to give us a few hours each week will go a long, long way.

We’re looking for someone who’s a good GameMaker: Studio programmer, capable of scripting in GML, and who’s good at working in a team environment. If you meet these qualifications, shoot us an email at ManofWorld[at]

What happens if we can’t go on with development? We haven’t made that decision yet. We had an idea to strip the content from our source files and releasing our Timeless engine as a standalone download for people who want to make fangames (or original ones) using our engine. But to even do that we need someone with programming skills.

Here’s a link to the pre-beta demo (PC only for now). Play it and leave us feedback in the comments or go to the official forum thread. Any and all feedback is appreciated and the more we get the better. Feel free to spread the demo around — it’s a free download, no ads, and no strings attached. I hope you enjoy it and hope that you can help us finish this project!

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  • NasiDe

    It doesn’t seem to be compatible with my Windows for some reason.

    • Will Staffan

      It works perfectly for me 🙂

    • DimensionalRanger

      It also doesn’t work for me too, I must have the wrong version of Windows.

  • Will Staffan

    Pleeease tell me that you are going to redo the sprites to match and work on the music. It’s a great start, but the entire thing feels very…fan-made. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place to get my Zelda fix? I don’t really know. But what I do know is that the artwork and the music need to go, for the love of all that is good in Hyrule. Also, are you planning on adding any game-changing mechanics? Because right now, (in terms of control and the available actions) I would much rather be playing Minish Cap or Link to the Past. Thank you for your time, I understand it takes a ludicrous amount of time to make these, and it’s even harder to top a multi-million dollar franchise. Good Luck!

  • Rix

    I really like how its coming together so far. i like the style you guys have created. the effects of the sword and the windwaker like monster explosions are cool too. the sound is a little off tho. links voice is much lounder than everything else. But i like it. i hope to see a little more originality in things to come but i think its headed in the right direction. for fun! and the triangles 🙂

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  • Great work and hope you’ll find someone to continue with this fantastic project

    Regards / Un saludo

  • Megan Zienert

    I can’t progress past the first few areas of the forest. I’m assuming I need the bombs in order to blow up some rocks that block the path, but the only bombs I can find are in a chest in an area I can only access by lumping off a ledge. Once I get the bombs, I can’t leave the area because it is surrounded by deep water. Can anyone tell me how to escape this area?

    • Toss the bombs over to the left, there’s a switch that will activate a bridge.

      • Talmor

        …Or just walk over the water where the bridge appears. –_– There’s a glitch there.

  • darklink623

    this is fantastic! ive dabbled with gamemaker but ive never gotten this far. keep it up! (i can tell blake has spent some time with this XD it shows)

  • Would you be interested in a programmer who has never touched GameMaker (but knows Python, has hacked PHP, and is learning C++) once school lets out for summer?

    Or have you found someone already?

  • ITheSuperior

    For a pre-beta version, it was very satisfactory.
    Keep up the good work, and -GOD- don’t stop half way through.
    It has potential to be a great Zelda game.

  • Pigwarts5ever

    Is F1 not working for anyone else?

    • The Triforce of Shadow

      It isn’t working for me either, do you also know if you can save and quit without losing your file?

      • Pigwarts5ever

        Yes you can. My file is still there.

  • The Triforce of Shadow

    I thought the gameplay and graphics were great, but I was disappointed that there was ZERO plot. It seemed like they were trying way to hard to be funny, and it was difficult to enjoy the game when I couldn’t tell what to do next. May I suggest a plot idea, since I would like to help, but cannot program? I wish to offer you the idea of using the tetraforce theory, where in this game Link destroys the triforce of shadow.

  • Pigwarts5ever

    Just finished the demo and it was fantastic. I would love if the game took itself more seriously in some situations (the bird statue and beginning “cutscene” mainly) but I do like how it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Things I loved:
    It was fun to use the sword
    The artstyle is beautiful (loved Link’s sprite)
    Town (though I do hope it’s bigger in the finale version)
    Most of the music was great

    Things that could use fixing:
    Font isn’t very fitting
    Keese (the bats) move a bit too fast and are a pain to kill

    The game clearly isn’t finished so there are some things that I would assume will be fixed in the final version but I am still going to mention them:
    A lot of walls and objects had no hit detection and I could just walk right through them.
    The pause menu didn’t seem to work right for me (my sheild was invisible for most of the demo and I don’t think that it was working either).
    F1 did not work to change my button settings (I liked the way you set it up I just prefer the directions on the left side).

    And lastly I have some things that you should think about including in the final game if you are not already planning on adding these things:
    Some kind of quest book or partner to remind you what you are doing.
    A detailed map where you can zoom in so it looks like you are actually in the area. (Like in the fanmade game Isle of Rebirth).

    Great works so far. Can’t wait to see the final product.