Today we come to you with some good news and with some bad news. The good news is that you can go play the pre-beta demo of Timeless Haven, ZU’s official fangame, right now! This demo is essentially the same content as the previous alpha demo, running on our beta engine. This demo was streamed last year by Zelda Eternity and we’re now opening it up to the public.

The bad news is that since this demo was streamed, development has come to a grinding halt. Khao, our extraordinary programmer, has grown up and gotten a real job in game design and doesn’t have much time for this project anymore. Obviously, we can’t program the game without a programmer. So we’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who’d like to see this project come to fruition to help us out and find us some people who want to work on a project such as this. Just one or two programmers who are able to give us a few hours each week will go a long, long way.

We’re looking for someone who’s a good GameMaker: Studio programmer, capable of scripting in GML, and who’s good at working in a team environment. If you meet these qualifications, shoot us an email at ManofWorld[at]

What happens if we can’t go on with development? We haven’t made that decision yet. We had an idea to strip the content from our source files and releasing our Timeless engine as a standalone download for people who want to make fangames (or original ones) using our engine. But to even do that we need someone with programming skills.

Here’s a link to the pre-beta demo (PC only for now). Play it and leave us feedback in the comments or go to the official forum thread. Any and all feedback is appreciated and the more we get the better. Feel free to spread the demo around — it’s a free download, no ads, and no strings attached. I hope you enjoy it and hope that you can help us finish this project!

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