Next week Europe will be receiving a couple of New 3DS face plates to decorate Nintendo’s latest system. One is themed after Majora’s Mask, featuring a beautiful backdrop in the woods with the Skull Kid holding Majora’s Mask. The other face plate is very slick, with a black overtone adorned with a repetition of Triforces. The underside of the plate displays a gold Hylian emblem.


Both of these were revealed earlier this month in Japan, and are now set to release in Europe on February 27. Enjoy your new face plates all of you new owners in Europe! Those of us in the States will cry ourselves to sleep knowing we won’t be getting them.

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Cannot wait to get these in the US, always wanted a Zelda themed exterior to my 3ds 🙂

    • Courtney Walters

      We’re not getting them. They only fit the small N3DS, not the XL.

  • Josue

    Why why why the small 3ds is not available in North America, Whyyyyyy???

  • Heroftime101

    Not cool Nintendo. Not cool… (<–Lives in North America)

    • Michael Bowerman

      Well spoken!

  • Ryan Haney

    Those look cool.

  • fm64

    these were sold out on amiami a while ago, sigh

  • Chad

    Whelp I guess I’m buying European from now on… NoA i’m becoming more and more disappointed with you. You fail to bring simple things over that have already been made and would cost you nothing to design. NoE and NoJ have gone above and beyond to please their followers and you have just watched. You know providing a good service is more than just making sure things are satisfactory it’s going above and beyond to please the people that do follow you and encouraging new fans to join the ranks. Right now you are doing a subpar job what with the problems at Bestbuy (I don’t think the preorder problem was their fault.) and the hyrule scarves that you ONLY passed out at Nintendo world store in New York. Do a better job at listening to your customers and talking to your fellow Nintendo branches. That’s all we ask…

    • Derek Dean Rumpler

      The regular New 3DS would just consume most consumers. Further, many of the issues with supply has been revealed by Nintendo to do with the port strike on the U.S. west coast. N3DSes and Amiibo were both affected.

  • bet its not for uk