Majora’s Mask 3D releases this weekend, and what better way to create more hype than a couple of new trailers! The first trailer shows Mr. Eiji Aonuma taking the remake for a test run. What does Aonuma decide to? Go fishing, of course!

While Aonuma plays on his Mushroom-themed 3DS on the right side of video, the left side displays the mechanics and look of fishing in Majora’s Mask 3D. He goes through the full process: acquiring a fishing pole, casting into the pond, and reeling in fish. What’s fun to note is that he begins the video wearing a grey jacket, but ends with a bright green and yellow outfit, perhaps in honor of Link.

The second video displays a bit more gameplay in the upcoming title, as well as tips and tricks to use for players new to the game or franchise. For example, the benefit of continuous rolling is shown to be a faster means of travel than simply running.

Majora’s Mask 3D releases on February 13 in North America and Europe, while arriving in Japan and Australia on February 15. Will you be picking it up and honing your fishing skills?

  • Gordon Sorensen

    Hmm. It looks really good!

    I don’t remember being able to grapple Twinmold in the N64 version, that’s new.

  • CEObrainz

    Isn’t running backwards a faster means of travel then rolling? I like that they added the fishing stuff to the game, although I wonder why it wasn’t in the original? Perhaps this is their way of adding more content?

    This game looks really nice though, this is one of those times that I have to say I’m slightly disappointed the 3DS doesn’t output a 720p or at minimum 480p resolution, this game deserves to be seen properly.

  • Young Link

    Wow this looks amazing!

    Although I remember in the original you didn’t like use your fists with Twinmold. Also Odwala didn’t have an eye on his head so this is pretty fresh, instant buy. Can’t wait for Friday when it’s released!

  • Hero Gamer

    woulda been cool if we saw the Fierce Deity in the trailer. oh well