It was announced earlier this year that Club Nintendo, the six year long rewards program for Nintendo fans, would be closing down for business. Today, they’ve updated the rewards catalog for the month of February, and boy, is it extensive.

FD Link Puzzle
Players can choose from an excellent selection of physical rewards, such as t-shirts or an epic Fierce Diety Link puzzle from Majora’s Mask, or a huge selection of downloadable titles for the Wii U, 3DS, and Wii. This is a perfect opportunity to pick up quality titles like NES Remix, A Link to the Past, Kid Icarus: Uprising, The Wonderful 101, and many others.

It is very nice to see the program’s “last hurrah” being given justice with such a large selection of games — 100 titles to choose from to be precise. So go use your hard earned coins and treat yourself one final time before we say goodbye to Club Nintendo!

  • I got the Majora’s Mask 3D Messenger Bag, Ill just get the puzzle on ebay

  • lyn

    Site is down

    • High traffic volumes, it took me a good 30 minutes of refreshing to get through

  • TdB

    Can you still collect stars from MM and the New N3DS in a couple of weeks?

    • sadly, no. anything past I think it was Jan 20ish will not be redeemable for coins

      • TdB

        That’s a shame. Thanks.

        • Tobi Uchiha

          Ty is wrong, If your trying for coins atleast. You have until 3/31/15. Again this is for NA. If it’s for a different country then it could be different.

  • HylianHero7227

    is this the last update. or am i about to spend all my coins and have something better come out next month?

    • ProjectArt

      Yeah this is it. There are 50+ games to choose from plus all the rewards from last month are still available as well

      • HylianHero7227

        hope so! just got the messenger bag! site is slow as ballz

  • TdB

    Ah, this is not for Europe. That explains the coins instead of stars.

  • Kasparius

    I got the Zelda pouch, but now the site won’t load. I keep refreshing.

  • Merylas

    I want that puzzle. Badly. Too bad Club Nintendo won’t stay stable for long enough for me to register anything. -_-

  • craZ

    Hey guys, once Club Nintenndo comes back online, I gotta choose from 4 games: Alttp, MM, AoL, and Paper Mario. I’ve already seen a playthrough of Paper Mario and I’m gonna get the 3D remake of MM, but I still want to get both. I have 590 coins. Which ones should i grab?

    • drnedaj

      Don’t get majoras mask if you are getting the 3DS remake

  • Hector Garcia

    I just got the messenger bag and it crashed after the order went in lol

  • CEObrainz

    That sounds amazing, if it were available in Europe (and I had a 3DS) I’d get Uprising in an instant.

  • Jesus Alexis Andazola

    The site now looks like it was made in 1997 for me.

  • Duncan

    I got a Majora’s Mask messenger bag. I’m pretty happy with my purchase :3