In this third post about our ongoing forum downtime saga, I’m incredibly happy to report that we were able to successfully complete the import of our vBulletin forums and convert the data to work flawlessly with our new forum software. This was a hefty process for us, and was fraught with challenges. Now, those challenges are behind us.

The last step is to manually restore a few things that were not a part of the import, followed by a few tweaks to make sure things look pretty. Both of these things are far more under our control than the import process, so we’ll be able to move through them very quickly and with minimal issues. All said, it’s highly likely that the forums will be back in action sometime this week.

Thanks for continuing to be so patient. It won’t be long now. You’re all awesome.

~ Jason Rappaport.

  • draug419

    So excited to share wild Zelda U theories once more! πŸ˜€

  • Googs

    Almost time to hype over Zelda U on the only forum where I won’t be looked at funny! Thanks for your hard work everyone :D!

    • TheBuzzSaw

      I’m going to join your thread just to look at you funny.

      • Googs


    • Linus

      I’m going to join you just so you wont be lonely when “TheBuzzSaw” looks at us funny. ^_^

  • Luis

    I was like YOU HAD ONE JOB! Was beginnning to get unwieldly mad.

    • Soeroah

      A tradesman is only as good as his tools. Porting the whole forums for 4 days without interruption is sure to be a volatile procedure.

      • Leo F

        Amusingly, the proverb I was raised with was “a bad workman always blames his tools”.


        • Soeroah

          It’s like how “many hands make light work” and “too many cooks spoil the broth” cancel each other out.

          • Leo F

            It’s ALMOSTas if common wisdom acknowledges that a balanced perspective is required on such things!

          • Linus

            They don’t cancel each other out. There are hundreds of hands to make the stove work properly in your kitchen. But if the whole family is in the kitchen with you spicing the broth “like they want to”, it’ll taste horrible.

  • Tuf Pic


  • Tuf Pic

    Sure hope we get Social Groups back sooner or later!!

  • CEObrainz

    So not too long to go? That’s cool, can’t wait to see the new board.

  • Are you going to send out a mass email to those who were active right before the forums went down or otherwise try to notify people when the forums return (beyond a front-page article)?

    Honestly, I know I’d appreciate the alert, and I expect others would as well.

  • Garrett Hoy

    How much longer? I can’t wait.

  • Wolf Deity

    so it’ll be “Days not weeks”?

    • Bob Rakole

      Sometime this week.

      …8 days later.

      This update better be damn worth it

    • Charles Parker

      Two more days and it will be two weeks.

  • MJ

    YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! ZU Forums…..HERE I RETURN!!!!

  • Khao Mortadios

    I love you.

  • Ge0kinetic

    You cannot imagine how much I’ve missed RPing here

  • Unconformed

    Oh how I’ve missed lurking these forums <3

  • I suppose I’ll figure it out soon enough, but are there going to be simpler darker themes for the forums or are those planned for later? I’ve never been a fan of the Temple, I much preferred the dark green.

  • MJ

    Any day yet?

  • MJ

    The week is almost over…it should be here….

    • It’s Wednesday, it’s literally the middle of the week…

      • MJ

        Not anymore.

  • Rotfl Master

    So close, I can almost taste it….

  • Jessica Kasten

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  • mrwho

    Is the opening still predicted to be for this week?

  • ConfusedPerson

    That’s amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • Kol Gaines

    So can’t wait for the forums to be back… *continues waiting impatiently*

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    Damn, the forums suffered catasthropic data loss again. Since the backup imported is from September 28, that means over 2 months were lost, not 1 as stated on Facebook.

    • Am I missing something here? I don’t recall anything said about when the backup was from, I assumed they just used the latest since the import had apparently failed after they took the forums down.

      • The Fanatic of Zelda

        That was the latest backup, it was stated on the Facebook group. I logged in with my friend’s account to check.

        • Ah, cool. Confusing why they would have used a backup instead of the actual database, as I’ve only heard of of conversions working on a live database, but thanks for the update.

          • The Fanatic of Zelda

            The actual database got corrupted after the first import attempt.

          • Wait, they didn’t take a backup before undergoing an upgrade/conversion? I thought they were going to take more frequent backups since the issue last year (it was last year, right?).

            I don’t really know what to say about it. I wonder if I’ll still be in my clan, since I joined it sometime around then.

            Anyway, thanks for the info.

          • The Fanatic of Zelda

            In that same post Jason mentioned that they have been keeping more frequent backups. Otherwise several months would have been lost. Although I do wonder why they didn’t make a backup right before attempting the conversion.

            That incident happened in 2013 (lost data from November ’12 to February ’13). If things are handled like last time you should be able to request to be put back in your clan.

          • Wow, I’ve been a part of ZU for almost two years then. It honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long.

            But whatever, what’s done is done, I can only hope that they don’t do it again. Though, I’m still curious why they don’t make weekly backups, I thought all large sites did that since they seem to have more issues with corruption.

          • The Fanatic of Zelda

            It probably has to do with the fact that the database is over 10 GB. Still, with this track record it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do monthly backups at least.

          • Possibly, but I imagine ZU has enough bandwidth overnight for such a download and you only need to store a couple of backups, so storage shouldn’t be an issue. For that matter, you could just store the backups on the server and not worry with bandwidth.
            I dunno though, I’ve been bitten too many times by not having a backup, so I backup everything automatically.

    • Ge0kinetic

      Just imagine how messed up the RP forums are gonna be. So many characters and stories lost forever…

  • Rotfl Master

    And 1 week later the forums still aren’t up -__-

    • The Fanatic of Zelda

      There’s still Saturday and Sunday. If it’s not done by then, get your pitchforks.

      • Wolf Deity

        well waddya know

      • Zelda

        It’s Monday now…

  • Chance Griffitt

    Let’s cross our fingers for Sunday.

    • I’m not so sure anymore… The quietness is starting to make me worry something else has gone wrong, like I could understand if they were simply busy, since they would have likely said something, but the last comment in this thread by staff is a week ago, so I hope nothing happened to anyone/anything.

  • mrwho

    Can anyone else hear the sound of sharpening pitchforks?

  • Unconformed

    Any update on how much longer it may take?

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    Welp, lesson learned here. When Jason says “days”, expect a couple of weeks or months.

    • Bill

      I’m sure what they’re going through is a laborious process and they’re doing the best they can, but this has gotten to be pretty embarrassing. I don’t think any upgrade could justify the duration of downtime we’ve seen, especially since there has actually been relevant Zelda news to discuss over the last couple of months. The only factor working in ZU’s favor is a lack of good alternatives; it’s a sad thing, but the golden age of message boards is long gone.

      • A_LINK_IN_TIME

        Some of the biggest sites on the Internet are forum boards. Their golden age is far from over. There is no good alternative for posting elaborate replies to topics.

        The biggest reason the forum transfer is taking so long is because ZU doesn’t prune posts. The massive amount of data to be imported makes the process more likely to fail. ZD had a forum switch last month, which also failed once. Then, you have to take into account that the top poster on ZD has a bit over 10,000 posts with a few dozen other several thousand level posters, while ZU has 10 year old members with tens of thousands of posts.

  • TheBuzzSaw


    • The Fanatic of Zelda

      Of what?

      • TheBuzzSaw

        Of the forum in progress?

  • Contraltissimo

    Way to go Jason and Company! That had to be a rough ride, so many times over. Like some kind of cruel, real-life Zelda minigame…. you all should get treasure chests for this.

    How do you feel? I can’t speak for any other sites, but around here I’ve seen both a lot of support and a lot of raging. How are you doing personally?

    • Zelda

      Not raging, just impatience.

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    On the Dawn of The New Week, an angry mob armed with torches and pitchforks marches towards the Zelda Universe datacenter. Will the webmaster answer, or will he hide from the upcoming carnage?

    • Or will vigilantes protect the datacenter and workers against damage to ensure a speedy return of everyone’s home?

      • Wisdom & Courage

        I’m pretty sure those vigilantes are already done with being vigilant, and will likely turn on the datacenter themselves, at this point.

        • Nah, we follow the strongest side!

          • Zelda

            I see what you did there.

  • Guest

    I totally missed being updated to this and I was scared out of my mind until I decided to check here and saw this.

  • Ryano

    To Jason and the ZU staff…

    Is there anyone able to comment, even briefly, on the status of the forums? As others have pointed out, it’s been over a week since we heard from Jason and while some staff members have been active on the site posting news and such, we haven’t had anything about the forums in about 10 days. Is everyone and everything ok?

    Of course I want to add that I really appreciate all of the effort that’s gone into this project and the integrity to preserve everyone’s data. Thank you all so much!

    • Joe Angel

      Forums be open, laddie.

  • hollander

    Lol, never seen this before, but each
    comment has at least one upvote…

    • They do? At least half of them appear to have none, at least on my end.

      • hollander

        Not anymore,
        didn’t check all comments,
        but 90% had at least one upvote.
        and now it’s 100% if I’m correct.,

  • Zelda

    Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for the forums to be back.

    I predict it could be done by next week or even next month. But I just have to wait and see.

  • Hoopy Frood

    any day now, huh?

    I’ve taken to posting on neogaf at this point, lol, which is hardly a good replacement for ZU’s community. I’m pretty hype to see the new forum software! Some people are being needlessly negative up in here though, I think. It’s definitely been a hot minute since the forums went down, but there’s no reason to get salty about it.

    Hopefully see all you nerds soon. 8)

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    Problem is, we’re now in absolute uncertainty. The last deadline has been exceeded, and there hasn’t been a word from the staff.

    Did anyone catch Jason’s email address while it was posted at the top of the forums?

    • True, unfortunately I didn’t see the email.

      Any chance you can log into facebook and check that group again?

      • The Fanatic of Zelda

        I checked, there has been nothing new. Not even people asking.

    • mrwho

      An email would just be pestering. It’s not like he’s forgotten to post an update, he deliberately hasn’t posted an update. Probably out of embarrassment / trying to avoid the hate.

  • hihowareyou232 .

    I want to join this forum to speak with other Zelda fans…Sadly, I can’t because the forum is apparently down. Is there another Zelda fansite that has a forum I can go to?

    • Zelda Dungeon also has a forum, but to put it simply, I don’t go there anymore.

    • Zelda

      Well someone posted that they’re going to launch it sometime soon so you’ll just have to wait a second.

  • Joey Bloom

    this is getting ridiculous. I miss ZU =(

    Please update your expectant and loyal fanbase

  • Rotfl Master

    I’m starting to feel like the forums won’t even be up by march…..

    • Zelda


      • Bob Marley

        No, it’ll be alright! Just keep your finger on that F5 button…

        • Zelda

          What do you mean? The F5 button won’t do anything…

          • Philip Kunhardt

            F5 reloads the page. i.e., you’ll see if there’s a new post up.

            If you’re on a Mac, remember to hold down the fn Key, otherwise F5 is the “turn-down-the-keys’-back-lighting” key.

  • Murdiff

    In a comment on the ZU facebook group, Jason says:

    “Guys – we’re prepping to try and launch this thing TOMORROW! Hold on to your hats.”

    So, kind of an unofficial update! I know a lot of us are getting restless.

    • Zelda

      Is it true?

    • Looks like I’m going to be on my phone a lot more tomorrow…

      • Zelda

        Same. As if I’m not on my phone enough.

    • The Fanatic of Zelda

      I can confirm this. Let’s hope this one’s for real.

    • Bob Marley

      Well atm there’s some sort of error-thingy… THERE’S HOPE ONCE MORE!

  • Carlos Montes

    I see ya work on Valve-time.

    Also, I miss the one place I saved the pic of my black eye to.

  • Googs

    Apparently just a couple of hours removed from the launch of the new forums :D!

    • Bob Marley


    • Well, I’m going to be looking for a simpler theme or a way to block the side bar and top thing. Who on ZU had a love obsession with Metro (or similar)

    • Zelda

      And have a fatal error message appear in the process, right?

  • mrwho

    Progress! I see a new error message!

    • Zelda

      How is that progress?

  • MJ

    How much longer?? πŸ˜€

  • Rotfl Master

    Oh great, now when I try to go on the forums it says fatal error…. -__-

    • It’s better than nothing…

      • Zelda

        I guess. Getting a random error is better than not getting to go on the forums at all.

        • And now you have a random string generator, perfect for that person you just don’t want to talk to.

          • Zelda

            What do you mean? Did I do something wrong? T.T

          • No, I didn’t mean that in reference to you, I’m more talking about those people who constantly nag at you till you have nothing left to say. Honestly, you seem to be a pretty cool person.

            It also makes a fairly strong password generator.

          • Zelda

            Oh, I’m sorry. I’m kind of a hyper- sensitive person so…

            But yeah. I understand your point.

    • Zelda


  • Zelda

    So, I went to the forums today after hearing the news about it being launched today and instead of the forums, it says there’s a fatal error. What does this mean?

    • Right now, I’m not sure since they disabled errors, before it was an issue where it couldn’t write session data to the database (basically the recently online data).

  • Zelda

    Any luck getting on the forums?

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    According to Jason the forums should be up within hours tonight.
    Also, the Temple Skin will now be the only skin, and there won’t be a mobile version of the site.

    • Zelda

      I’m starting to have doubts about this.

  • Power Rangers

    I’ll just leave this here:

    • The Fanatic of Zelda

      Ouch. Jason’s delays are about to become a meme.

      • Zelda

        That’d actually be cool.

  • taco

    This is karma for overzealous moderators.

    • Zelda

      What is?

  • The Fanatic of Zelda

    Well, the forum is back. My password was not accepted and I never received the recovery email. Let’s see if Jason reads this post…

    • mrwho

      I didn’t receive a recovery email either. Thankfully my old password reset email had been saved, and that password worked. Which is a little surprising, because I thought I’d changed it from that random string of characters, but apparently not.