The A Link Between Worlds Original Soundtrack is now available on the European Club Nintendo for the cost of 3,000 stars. One of the best scores in the Zelda series in recent memory, the soundtrack includes two discs amassing 89 tracks, as well as 12 excerpts from the score that you can play at home! It also includes liner notes from composer Ryo Nagamatsu.


It is uncertain whether this reward will come to North America at this given time, but there is hope, as the North American Club Nintendo is adding rewards this February. If you’re in Europe grab this while you can, as many Zelda-related items tend to go out of stock very quickly!

  • I live in America, so I had to get mine imported from Japan

  • Ryan Haney

    Is the exchange rate the same for stars and coins? I’ve never had more than about 500 coins before I spent them on something. I’m sure I won’t get 3000 coins this year.

  • omg i was just about to buy this

  • JelDeRebel

    aaaand it’s gone